Priority Staffing Group Partners with Greenhouse Ministries

At Priority Staffing Group, we believe that our responsibility to our community goes past the four walls of our office. April was national Volunteer month and we were able to speak with and volunteer for several organizations throughout the month. We want to tell you about one of them! After attending Greenhouse Ministries’ orientation class, […]

Could You Be A Passive Candidate?

Could You Be Looking For a Job And Not Know It? Are you a passive candidate? Take our quiz below to find out!   A Passive Candidate is someone who is not actively searching for a job, but who would not be opposed to changing jobs if the right opportunity was to “Come Along”. […]

Recruiter Spotlight: Ally Farlow

Ally Farlow, Account Manager, joined our Murfreesboro, Tennessee team in January 2017.   In your words, what do you do? “I connect our applicants to our clients, making matches that work well for both parties.” What’s the best part of your job? “When I make a placement for someone and they end up staying long term […]

Write a Winning Resume

Are you wondering why, after submitting your resume so many times, you don’t get the job? Believe it or not, your resume might be the reason you’re not getting hired. But where have you gone wrong?   The 4 tips below will help you start from scratch to create an easy, professional resume.   1. […]

Dress to Impress: What to Wear to an Interview

An interview is a perfect place to demonstrate to potential employers how talented and valuable you are. But, before you dive into the interview, don’t overlook this important detail. Make sure you have the right attire!   I know it doesn’t always seem necessary, but appearance matters, whether we like it or not. What the […]

Attracting the Right Talent

Now is a great time for business! When the sun is shining and consumers venture out to frequent their favorite shops, many of us need to increase our staff to cover the higher demand. But what do you do if the number of applicants you’re receiving isn’t as great as the number of openings you […]


3 Ways to Wow Your Recruiter

This is going to be one of those honest moments for job seekers who ask “Why haven’t I found a job yet?” Interviewing for an open job, even at a staffing company, does not guarantee you’ll get hired.   I know it seems like because we place people in jobs for a living that you […]

Applicant Coaching & Success

Applicant Coaching

This year we have had things that seem a little off, especially with the weather. Single digit temperatures, lots of rain, and that groundhog… I know I am so ready for springtime and the time change, causing longer days.   Now, as far as business goes, things have taken off out of the new year […]

5 Common Job Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes

It’s a pattern: Apply to a company, go to the job interview, and get your rejection letter. You’re probably asking yourself: “What did I do wrong?” From a recruiter standpoint, you might have been able to easily avoid that disappointment and start the job of your dreams. Read our five tips on identifying interview mistakes […]

Best Practices: Interview Questions

For those of us who have been on the candidate side of an interview, it can be difficult to answer the question about, well, questions.   So what are interview question dos and don’ts? Read on for some suggestions on what to ask and not to ask in your next job interview.   The Dos: […]