The Truth About My Assumptions


The Truth About My Assumptions
By: Lisa Tracy

I have spent most of my adult life in management, restaurant management to be specific. I can remember so clearly the parts I loved, along with the parts I loathed. Management requires extreme multitasking and so often, things get pushed to the side for another day, and possibly never touched again at all. The one thing I always tried to prioritize was people. These people, no matter how small their responsibilities are, run your business, the day to day operations, filling in all the cracks and crevices that are inevitably unseen by management. They are the faces on the front lines. They create your atmosphere. They build your culture.

In leadership and management, your strongest efforts for success will always fall short without the buy-in of your people.

They outnumber you.

I would like to say that I successfully prioritized people, but the truth is, I never had the time to. Looking back, I see myself in a circus, standing on a stage, juggling fire-balls of all different shapes and sizes – budgets, operations, human resources, client and vendor relationships, product quality, repairs & maintenance, and insert an unexpected task of the day. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Sound familiar?

There’s no shame in admitting it.

I think we all play a part in this familiar circus, no matter what we do for a living. There are highs and lows, rewards and losses, and at the end of the day, we find a way to feel a sense of fulfillment because we gave it our all. But the reality is, most of us spend a work day giving a minimum of 10 things a maximum of 10%. With so many things on our to-do list, paired with the ever-changing business demands unique to each industry, how could we ever be able to stand on that circus stage, even as award winning performers, and confidently say we gave our people 100%? I was humbled to admit to myself that on the good days, I was only able to give people 10% of my time at work.

I had never heard of Priority Staffing Group before I interviewed with them. I had never even considered this as a career option. I was curious, but somewhat skeptical of accepting a position with a staffing agency, caught between my love for staffing and the words I associated with an agency – “low quality, short term, temp employment.” I have no idea where I got that perception from, but I imagine these are common association words from people, like myself, with little to no first hand experience. After all, how many of us have actually partnered with a staffing agency? My best guess is that we all get our perceptions from the few who have been unsatisfied with their experience from a low quality agency. It will always be true that bad news travels fast.

So what happened when I accepted this position and began to dig into this industry? I will tell you, I found myself completely wrong in my assumptions and unaware of the true rewards in partnering with a high quality staffing agency. High quality is the key word here. In a few shorts weeks, my association words would change drastically to “valuable resource, high quality solutions, long term partnerships.” I found that this industry provided a way for any kind of business to give 100% to their people. It’s how you gain an extra set of hands, a business partner, a focused expert in “your people.” It’s how you take something off your plate, and simultaneously guarantee the success of your existing and future employees. I have been completely blown away with my experience, serving as a resource to match local businesses of all sizes with their ideal candidates. While we do offer temporary services, it is not all that we do.

Temp work is a perk for your busy seasons and/or temporary needs. It is not the definition or the ceiling of our partnership.

So, I keep asking myself – How did I get this industry so wrong? How many other people believe the same things I once did? How can I change that?

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share information about a company that is worth knowing about, and an overall industry that is all too often misunderstood and undervalued. If you have any specific topics/questions you would like to be included, send me a message!

Lisa Tracy Account Manager – Priority Staffing Group – Middle Tennessee


professional hiring

Myth Buster #3

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Myth: Staffing agencies only have industrial jobs


Staffing agencies don’t do professional hiring, right?



It’s common to think that staffing agencies only have hard labor or industrial jobs, like warehouse and factory. And while we do hire for those types of jobs, they are not the only options we offer. The truth is, we provide opportunities for everything from entry-level to specialized technical and professional roles.


At Priority Group, we recruit for vocational positions like CNC machinists, welders, electricians and all sorts of mechanics and engineers. Many of our locations even offer banking, call center, IT, marketing, and a variety of clerical or customer service positions in addition to our clients who offer warehouse, factory and general labor work.

Apply for clerical jobs here!


For professional positions, we recommend applying through our Direct Hire Placement Service. Megan Jones, Priority Staffing’s Direct Hire Operations Manager, takes the extra time to place professionals in positions such as Accounting, Nursing and Upper Management. If your qualifications more closely identify to what we offer in this department, send your resume to get started.


If you know someone who is looking for a new opportunity, no matter what walk of life they’re in, send them to us! Priority Staffing Group is here to help.


You can get submitted for multiple positions with one interview here, making it easier to find a job you’ll love. Read why your odds are better through a staffing agency here.

Myth Buster #2: Better Odds


Myth: The odds of getting a job through a staffing agency are low

Sometimes during our recruiting efforts, we hear people say, “You’re wasting your time applying at a staffing agency – your name gets lost in the pile of other applicants.”


Well, we want to bust that myth and tell you why your chances are actually better when you work with Priority Staffing Group. The truth is, going through a staffing agency can make you STAND OUT to a prospective employer.


Fewer Applicants

When applying through an online career-finder service, you depend on a computer algorithm that selects resumes with certain keywords. Yours could get skipped over, even if you’re the most qualified for the job. When applying to a company directly, your resume often gets stuck in a pile of sometimes hundreds of applicants; but, when our agency sends you to a job, you may be one of only five or ten that the hiring manager ever sees.


More Opportunities

Recruiters also have jobs that aren’t posted elsewhere and may recommend you for something you wouldn’t have found on your own. Many businesses use staffing companies exclusively for their open jobs, and the only way you’ll be considered is by applying with the agency.


Extra Information

After applying, a Priority Staffing Group recruiter will set up an interview to talk about your skills. Resumes don’t tell your whole story, so our recruiters will get information from you that is relevant to the position that you may not have thought to mention on paper. We become your advocate to make sure you’re considered for the jobs that best suit you.


Better Preparation

Finally, you get to have a test interview before going face to face with the hiring manager at your dream job. Treat your recruiter seriously and use the initial contact as a dress rehearsal. Ask questions that you want to know before going in to better prepare yourself. Your recruiter works with the company you want to work at and likely knows a great deal about them. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to make a good impression.


At Priority Staffing Group, we create greater chances for success at landing your dream job!

If you haven’t used a staffing agency before, call any of our locations to set up an interview. We will help you every step of the way. After all, your success is our priority.

Marion, IL – (618) 969-8800 | Vandalia, IL – (618) 283-9533 | Murfreesboro, TN – (615) 295-2127

Myth Busters

Myth Buster: Paperwork

Myth Buster #1: Applicant Security


Myth Busters

Myth: Staffing Agencies Sell/Misuse Your Information


One thing applicants always ask us: Why do you need my [social security number/address/tax information]?

It’s misunderstood why we need certain information during the application and hiring process. In this first post of our Myth Busters series, we want to disprove the myth that staffing agencies misuse your personal information. To do that, we will explain our paperwork requirements and why we ask for them.


#1 Accuracy

Having an applicant fill out a thorough application before the interview helps our recruiters do their jobs effectively. We need a complete job history with locations/references so that we can assess your skills and find a job that suits you. Skipping this information in the application could prevent us from placing you in a new position.


#2 Time

As a staffing company, some of our clients are looking for a short turnaround from job order to candidate placement. It isn’t uncommon to have someone apply, interview and get hired in one day. If we ask for you to complete your paperwork when you arrive at our office, it’s because we need to fill our positions quickly.


#3 Taxes

When we employ you, we are required to collect certain details for payroll and tax purposes. Two documents we have new employees fill our are W-4 and I-9.

The W-4 form will ask for your tax allowances. We need this to know how much money to deduct your paycheck in taxes and submit to the government.

The I-9 asks for information like social security number, permanent address and legal document numbers. The government requires this form for everyone employed in the United States. Your information is submitted safely and legally and it not used for anything else.

Just Ask Us!

Our applicants are always welcome to take a copy of their paperwork with them to keep on file if they have concerns or want record of the information they sign within our offices. And after a certain amount of time, if the applicant hasn’t been placed in a job and they are no longer looking for work, we mark their file inactive and the paperwork is no longer utilized.


Most importantly, we have a secure network server that applicant information goes through. Information is never shared with anyone in a way that would compromise someone’s identity. We share application and resume details only with our clients and only when you’re being submitted for a job. Your identity safety is a top priority for us!


For questions about Priority Staffing Group paperwork, or applicant processes, please call us at any of our locations.

Marion, IL – (618) 969-8800 | Vandalia, IL – (618) 283-9533 | Murfreesboro, TN – (615) 295-2127