Developing A Positive Corporate Culture to Attract Top-Tier Talent

Developing A Positive Corporate Culture to Attract Top-Tier Talent

What is Corporate Culture? By now, most of us have heard the term “corporate culture” get tossed around. It’s boasted of on job sites, makes its way around office gossip and affects both how you obtain and retain your company’s talent. But what exactly is it, and how can developing a positive corporate culture become […]

5 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement (That You Can Implement Today)

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Introduction: The Importance of Engaging Your Employees Every company wants a team of engaged, motivated employees – this is no secret. Engaged employees are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They feel a sense of ownership for their job and are committed to making a positive contribution to their organization. They’re […]

Developing A Positive Corporate Culture to Motivate Your Staff

Business team having lunch at outdoor cafe

Defining Corporate Culture & It’s Importance When it comes to “corporate culture” – the definition in itself can be a bit difficult to pin down. It tends to be a bit vague, and while there is no agreed upon definition, it can be generally described as the set of values, beliefs, and norms that guide […]

Employee Retention Strategies To Create a Positive Company Culture

Company that has successfully implemented employee retention strategies

A Rocky Road for Company Morale The past several years have been extremely difficult for employers in more ways than one. With the pandemic came quite a bit of uncertainty and fear. Covid has completely changed the way that most of us do business. We had to face company shut downs, vaccination requirements, telecommuting, lay-offs, […]

Improving Your Employee Retention Rate & Keeping Your Staff Motivated

Improving Employee Retention Rate

Why Focus on Employee Retention? Employee retention rate. We’ve all heard the term, and with the “Great Resignation” slowly picking up steam, efforts to boost retention are quickly garnering more and more attention. However, while we all know of the benefits of reducing turnover (like saving time and money on recruiting) the “how-to” element of […]

How Relationship Networking in 2022 Can Skyrocket Your Career

Relationship Networking 2022

Introduction: Relationship Networking to Excel in Your Career Networking is a powerful business tool that can help build relationships with people that can help you advance your career. There are many different types of networking, but the most effective type is relationship networking. Relationship networking involves building relationships with people who can help you achieve […]

Building Strong Professional Relationships in 2022

Building Strong Professional Relationships 2022

Introduction: How Can Building Strong Professional Relationships in 2022 Help Your Business? There are many reasons why it is important to build professional relationships. First, having a strong professional network can help you get ahead in your career. Your contacts may be able to provide you with job leads, advice, or support when you need […]

Evaluating Business Relationships in 2023 and Beyond

A Tough Time for Business Owners What’s next? That phrase has been a daily question for the last two and a half years for ALL business owners.  It’s possible you had spent the previous five years creating the strongest proactive business model your industry had seen!  You were thriving, business was good…you were opening new […]

Let Priority Make Your Resume!

Did you know that every THIRD THURSDAY of the month from 2-3PM, we are at Greenhouse Ministries teaching a resume class? This is a hands-on class where you will leave with a brand new or updated resume to turn in with your job application! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to […]

Welcome to the PSG Family Baby Bowers!

Taking time out of the work day to join in the celebration with a member of our team and their family is incredibly important to us at Priority. We believe it is what sets us apart and allows us to truly be family-oriented. One of our favorite things to celebrate is new additions to the […]