Ruthies Favorite Temp Service 2018


Ruthies BannerPriority Staffing Group is honored to have been voted by the community Favorite Temp Service in Rutherford County.


We’d like to thank our friends, clients, and employees for voting for us throughout the month of August and choosing us as the winner. We know the importance of being chosen as an independently owned, small business, over the national companies we competed against.


Thanks for giving your business to us and shopping local!

Ruthies Award Event

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Priority Staffing’s 8 Year Anniversary

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Priority Staffing Group is excited to be celebrating October as the 8th anniversary of our first day in business!

DSCF4210In August 2010, Priority Staffing Group formed its corporation, but we officially opened doors in Marion, Illinois on October 25th that year.


Carlos Tanner, Gail Barger Lannom, and Heather Goines-Evans started the business as equal partners.

Partners 2 2016

With Heather’s expertise being operations, Gail’s being business development and Carlos’ being financial and tax, a great partnership formed! Each partner has their own proficiency and has continued to operate effectively because of that.

Since then, we have expanded to include Central Illinois (opened 2014) and Middle Tennessee (opened 2016). Our three offices have grown and helped each community grow their businesses and find jobs for our applicants.


We could not have made it this far without the support of our communities, so THANK YOU for helping us celebrate our 8th Anniversary!

Write a Winning Resume


Are you wondering why, after submitting your resume so many times, you don’t get the job? Believe it or not, your resume might be the reason you’re not getting hired.

But where have you gone wrong?


The 4 tips below will help you start from scratch to create an easy, professional resume.



What experience do you have?

Start by taking a piece of paper and writing everything down that you have done. This includes job experience, college organizations, internships, certificate programs and volunteer experience. Write down significant responsibilities on each position and any promotions or awards you may have received. Don’t leave anything out while you are gathering information to put in your resume.



So, after you gather all your information, you can start putting your resume together.


The header includes your personal information and goes at the top (name, phone number, email address and where you live). Then, write your objective: who you are, your occupation (if you’re a student, put your major), a few goals and how you can benefit the company you are applying for. This should be about one sentence.


Next, list your experience. Go back to the paper you drafted all your experience on. Take the most relevant jobs for the position you’re interested in and include a short summary of what you do or did at that company or organization. Use bullet points for a clean look.


Education should be a category of its own. Include any completed and in-progress degrees or certificate programs. If currently pursuing a degree, include your estimated completion date.


Conclude the resume with your skills in bullet point format. Again, include the ones more relevant to the position you’re applying for.


Sometimes, if a resume is uploaded to an employer’s HR database, the system will look for matching words and auto select candidates for interview. That’s why each resume should be personalized to the position you’re applying for.



If you have a skill that can help the company you want to work for, brag about it! Let them know what you can do, but be honest about it. Over-embellishing a skill will hurt you in the long-run.



You did it! You have a resume. But before sending it to your future employer, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Always use proper spelling and if formatting is not your strongest skill, ask someone to help you.


There you go, fundamental steps to writing a winning resume.

Priority Staffing Group regularly helps put together and proofreads resumes, so don’t hesitate to ask us! We want to see you get the job of your dreams and we’re happy to help get you there.


*Bonus tip!



If you don’t know exactly how your resume should be formatted, you can find a few templates on Microsoft word or Canva. We also have a free resume builder for your use on our website.


Visit our blog now to get more Interview Tips


To schedule a resume coaching session, call the office nearest you:

Southern Illinois – (618) 969-8800 | Tennessee – (615) 295-2127

Dress to Impress: What to Wear to an Interview


An interview is a perfect place to demonstrate to potential employers how talented and valuable you are. But, before you dive into the interview, don’t overlook this important detail. Make sure you have the right attire!


I know it doesn’t always seem necessary, but appearance matters, whether we like it or not. What the eye catches for the first time is probably what we’re going to be remembered by.


Now, don’t think you have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes. You just need a few staple pieces in your closet, from business casual to business professional.


When deciding how dressed up you should be, take a look at the interviewing company’s website or social media pages and check out how formal or informal their employees dress. After you have an idea of what type of clothes you should wear, you can dive into your closet.


Remember, dress to impress and, no matter what, try to look clean and tidy. This is your first impression!


If you still have no idea how you should dress or if you need a little bit of inspiration, keep reading.



There are so many good reasons to wear pants to an interview. You can never go wrong with them, they’re comfortable and go with a variety of shirts.

Make sure you always have a neutral color pant, like black, beige or grey, in your closet. You can add a colorful sweater or blouse to stand out and you’re on your way to a complete outfit!


Button-down Shirt

Do you know the best thing about this type of shirt? They’re almost always office-appropriate. I recommend buying a solid color that you can match several colors of pants and skirts. Extra tip: Light blue looks professional and will match black, brown and grey!


If your interview is for a company that is more casual, a light denim shirt with some black dress pants or a high wasted skirt can be appropriate. Add a light sweater and you’re ready to impress – business casual style!



There is nothing better than having a nice blazer in your closet. They come in different colors, different designs, and can make tons of outfit options. A blazer will automatically give you a business casual look. And if you get to the interview and feel like you overdressed, take it off and throw it over your shoulder.



Dresses are a great way to easily look professional for an interview. When choosing dresses to keep for interviews, follows these guidelines: Never wear anything that is shorter than 1 or 2 inches above the knee. Do not choose anything that is especially low cut in the front (or the back). It is, however, OK to wear sleeveless dresses in warmer months if the other guidelines are followed.



When choosing shoes to accompany your outfit, make sure they coordinate well with the other pieces. Close-toed shoes are the most appropriate, but it does not matter if they’re heels or not. Flats, loafers, etc. all look nice as long as they’re clean and professional. Under no circumstances should you ever wear flip-flops or house-shoes to an interview!


I hope these tips help you impress any recruiter you meet. Go rock your interview with a great outfit and awesome personality!


Read here for more interview attire and interview tips and check out our Instagram page @psg_tennessee for some outfit ideas.

EEOC Guidance and Training


Are you a business owner, HR Manager or anyone who has to deal with harassment and discrimination claims at your workplace?

More and more, employees are becoming educated and what their rights are in the workplace and what should and should not happen at their jobs. This has caused an increase in EEOC complaints at some companies.


So, do you know what to do if a complaint should arise? And more importantly, do you and your managers know how to prevent them from happening?


Proper training on harassment and discrimination for all employees, but especially managers, can help prevent these issues from ever happening in the first place, eliminating the need to see EEOC complaints at all.


Keep reading for the two best ways to incorporate EEOC Guidelines at your company.


1) Training

First thing is first, train your employees!

The best way to do that is to include it in your onboarding process for new employees. By making it a mandatory part of the training, no employees get overlooked, and it is the least disruptive way to incorporate it into the day.

Many employers do training once a year with the company as a whole. These can be done in 30 minutes and are easily made into video training.



2) Defense

In case you do end up with a discrimination or harassment complaint that makes its way to the EEOC, your best defense for the company is having that training program in place. The easiest way to get a fine of thousands (or even millions) of dollars is to show that you haven’t trained your employees NOT to harass others.

Even though it seems like it shouldn’t be the employer’s burden, it often is. By training your employees on how to treat people from the very beginning, it makes it much easier for you to defend your company if a complaint is made.



It’s understandable if you don’t have the money to hire someone to train your employees. That’s why the EEOC will come to your company to do training for FREE.

Read about their No-Cost Outreach Program to get started today. If you would prefer to do your own training in house, they provide education and resources for that as well. There is no reason not to start training at your company right away!


If you need help getting in contact with the right people, or want to know how we train our own employees, contact one of our offices today.


Marion, IL: (618) 969-8800

Murfreesboro, TN: (615) 295-2127

How to Attract New Talent




If you’re a business owner, HR manager, or anyone who makes hiring decisions, you’ve probably noticed the labor market is a little tight. If you’re asking how to increase employment in the current tight labor market, you need to consider more than one answer; you need to rethink the whole hiring process.


There are currently more available job positions than there are candidates looking for work. Many companies continue to be short-staffed even though the unemployment rate keeps dropping. Currently, the national unemployment rate is 3.8%, and in areas like Nashville, Tennessee, where one of our offices resides, the unemployment rate has dropped as low as 2.5% recently. And those who are seeking work have more options than they have ever had before.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6.2 million people are unemployed. So why aren’t we able to put them to work? It is evident that our companies need to make a few changes in their hiring process to combat this problem.


Keep reading for three tips to attract new talent to your business:


1. Shorten Requirements

One reason you’re not getting applicants for your open position is that the candidates don’t have the exact requirements the company is looking for and skip over to another company hiring for the same position.

Recent college graduates are a great talent pool to dive in to. It is impossible for a new graduate to have five years’ experience in their field already, but it won’t make them any less hardworking.

On the other hand, someone who did not finish college, but has worked five years already, might be the perfect fit for your company, college degree or not.

In this market, HR needs to rethink candidates’ requirements. Start thinking outside the company’s box and look for those candidates that they wouldn’t have considered before. Many will have either the skills or real-world experience you need to train them into the position.

So, ask yourself, do you need that job requirement if you’re able to mold them to fit your company? It could work out in your favor to hire someone new.


2. Offer Unique Benefits

With so many opportunities for the same position, it becomes even more important for companies to offer that little extra to put you at the top for job seekers. Like Google, who offers 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 6 weeks paid paternity leave. SAS, a software company, provides scholarships for their employees’ children.

Out of the ordinary benefits that really attract recent college graduated include student loan repayment assistance and unlimited PTO. And while letting your employees take off as much as they want sounds scary, the companies who have implemented it see better productivity while their employees are working and most don’t take more time off than they usually would. It really decreases the stress of work because if they’re feeling burned out they’re able to take a day or two when needed and return to work refreshed and ready to work at peak performance again.

If you’re a small business that really can’t afford those monetary benefits, even offering a more flexible work environment, allowing workers to choose their schedule (around rush hour traffic or to coincide with their daycare hours) the number of candidates who apply, accept your offer, and stay at your company will increase.


3. Increase Wages

It is difficult, as an employer, to see your payroll money continue to rise. But, when you consider that the economy is good and inflation is happening, the money we’re paying our employees does not seem proportional. The federal minimum wage was last raised in 2009 when it rose from $6.55 to $7.25 per hour. And while it was possible to survive on a $20,000 salary ten years ago, in many areas that is not doable anymore.

This doesn’t mean you have to increase wages all at once or well beyond your means, but making a change to pay a more desirable wage is a great way to attract and retain talent, saving you money in the long run.

A higher initial salary makes a job seem more attractive and will certainly increase the number of qualified applicants you see.


Priority Staffing Group is a small business and advocates for other small businesses’ success. We offer consulting services to anyone who is interested in learning more about hiring and retaining talent.

Contact any of our offices for more information.

Marion, IL – (618) 969-8800

Vandalia, IL – (618) 283-9533

Murfreesboro, TN – (615) 295-2127

Group Photo

Employee Appreciation Weekend 2018


Group Photo

What is Employee Morale?

In general, employee morale is the overall outlook an employee has about their time at work. This outlook can affect attendance, productivity and numerous other things that affect a business’s bottom line.


So how do you ensure your employees are happy?


It starts by creating an atmosphere that fosters relationships. And that’s exactly what we do here at Priority Staffing Group.

Angela Brandy Heather

One of the benefits we offer each internal employee is the opportunity to join us for an Employee Appreciation weekend.

Last year, we rented a bus and took a winery tour.


This summer, we packed up and headed to Kentucky Lake.

The company rented pontoon boats and spent the weekend socializing and enjoying the sun together, without any pressure to meet hiring goals or entertain office politics.


Gail Barger Lannom, Heather Goines-Evans and Carlos Tanner, the founders of Priority Staffing Group, put on this all-expenses-paid trip each year to thank their employees for hard work. And the fact that our internal turnover is low is only one reason we believe it works.


Each action during this trip boosted morale a little more.

On the first night of the trip, after settling into our lakeside resort, the whole team sat down for a catered dinner and presented the company awards.


Priscilla, Best Phone VoiceCategories included: Best Phone Voice, Best Note Taker, Most Helpful, Most Team Spirit and more.


And while it seems like an insignificant detail, these fun awards brought smiles and laughter to the whole team.


So, don’t dismiss the small things. To your employees, those details could be what keeps them in your office.

Brandy Emily Ally

If you want to know more about how we keep morale up, give any of our offices a call. In addition to hiring new team members, we also provide valuable advice that stems from 50+ years in the staffing industry.


Marion, IL: 618-969-8800 | Vandalia, IL: 618-283-9533 | Murfreesboro, TN: 615-295-2127

Staffing Software Update


Staffing Software Update as of July 2018.

Hardin County Golf Tournament


On July 25th, Priority Staffing Group sponsored a hole in the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.

As a hole sponsor at the event, we were excited to provide free beer, koozies, and snacks to the 4-person teams in the tournament while we cheered them on.

Hardin County Tennessee Golf Tournament

We spent the beautiful sunny day talking to other Hardin County Chamber members and guests. We thank the Chamber for allowing us to be there and hope to participate in future Hardin County events throughout the year.


For more information on the services we provide Hardin County businesses, call us at (615) 295-2127 or email Angel Davenport.

John A Logan College Foundation Golf Scramble


Priority Staffing Group will be a live hole sponsor at the John A Logan College Foundation Golf Scramble on August 17th. Contact Megan Jones at (615) 295-2127 if you have any questions about the event.

JAL Golf Classic