October 17, 2018

Dress to Impress: What to Wear to an Interview

An interview is a perfect place to demonstrate to potential employers how talented and valuable you are. But, before you dive into the interview, don’t overlook this important detail. Make sure you have the right attire!


I know it doesn’t always seem necessary, but appearance matters, whether we like it or not. What the eye catches for the first time is probably what we’re going to be remembered by.


Now, don’t think you have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes. You just need a few staple pieces in your closet, from business casual to business professional.


When deciding how dressed up you should be, take a look at the interviewing company’s website or social media pages and check out how formal or informal their employees dress. After you have an idea of what type of clothes you should wear, you can dive into your closet.


Remember, dress to impress and, no matter what, try to look clean and tidy. This is your first impression!


If you still have no idea how you should dress or if you need a little bit of inspiration, keep reading.



There are so many good reasons to wear pants to an interview. You can never go wrong with them, they’re comfortable and go with a variety of shirts.

Make sure you always have a neutral color pant, like black, beige or grey, in your closet. You can add a colorful sweater or blouse to stand out and you’re on your way to a complete outfit!


Button-down Shirt

Do you know the best thing about this type of shirt? They’re almost always office-appropriate. I recommend buying a solid color that you can match several colors of pants and skirts. Extra tip: Light blue looks professional and will match black, brown and grey!


If your interview is for a company that is more casual, a light denim shirt with some black dress pants or a high wasted skirt can be appropriate. Add a light sweater and you’re ready to impress – business casual style!



There is nothing better than having a nice blazer in your closet. They come in different colors, different designs, and can make tons of outfit options. A blazer will automatically give you a business casual look. And if you get to the interview and feel like you overdressed, take it off and throw it over your shoulder.



Dresses are a great way to easily look professional for an interview. When choosing dresses to keep for interviews, follows these guidelines: Never wear anything that is shorter than 1 or 2 inches above the knee. Do not choose anything that is especially low cut in the front (or the back). It is, however, OK to wear sleeveless dresses in warmer months if the other guidelines are followed.



When choosing shoes to accompany your outfit, make sure they coordinate well with the other pieces. Close-toed shoes are the most appropriate, but it does not matter if they’re heels or not. Flats, loafers, etc. all look nice as long as they’re clean and professional. Under no circumstances should you ever wear flip-flops or house-shoes to an interview!


I hope these tips help you impress any recruiter you meet. Go rock your interview with a great outfit and awesome personality!


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