October 12, 2018

EEOC Guidance and Training

Are you a business owner, HR Manager or anyone who has to deal with harassment and discrimination claims at your workplace?

More and more, employees are becoming educated and what their rights are in the workplace and what should and should not happen at their jobs. This has caused an increase in EEOC complaints at some companies.


So, do you know what to do if a complaint should arise? And more importantly, do you and your managers know how to prevent them from happening?


Proper training on harassment and discrimination for all employees, but especially managers, can help prevent these issues from ever happening in the first place, eliminating the need to see EEOC complaints at all.


Keep reading for the two best ways to incorporate EEOC Guidelines at your company.


1) Training

First thing is first, train your employees!

The best way to do that is to include it in your onboarding process for new employees. By making it a mandatory part of the training, no employees get overlooked, and it is the least disruptive way to incorporate it into the day.

Many employers do training once a year with the company as a whole. These can be done in 30 minutes and are easily made into video training.



2) Defense

In case you do end up with a discrimination or harassment complaint that makes its way to the EEOC, your best defense for the company is having that training program in place. The easiest way to get a fine of thousands (or even millions) of dollars is to show that you haven’t trained your employees NOT to harass others.

Even though it seems like it shouldn’t be the employer’s burden, it often is. By training your employees on how to treat people from the very beginning, it makes it much easier for you to defend your company if a complaint is made.



It’s understandable if you don’t have the money to hire someone to train your employees. That’s why the EEOC will come to your company to do training for FREE.

Read about their No-Cost Outreach Program to get started today. If you would prefer to do your own training in house, they provide education and resources for that as well. There is no reason not to start training at your company right away!


If you need help getting in contact with the right people, or want to know how we train our own employees, contact one of our offices today.


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