Direct Hire Placement

While Priority Staffing Group can conduct a job search for any employer in any location, we are primarily known throughout the Midwest and Southern regions. Through years of experience, we know that bringing top talent together with exceptional employers is a very involved process and we always take the time needed to get involved.

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Direct Hire


Identifying well-qualified candidates to fill valuable positions within your company can require a great deal of time and effort. Failing to spot weaknesses that will cause the candidate to struggle or fail in the position will result in lost time and money.

Even if you have a trained in-house team that is capable of screening potential candidates, you will still be burdened with the expense of advertising your position across numerous platforms and without having expertise in hiring specialized candidates, your team may overlook valuable methods of finding exceptional talent.


Priority Staffing Group specializes in finding and selecting candidates that have the skills and personality to mesh well with your team. We have over 50 years of combined experience and are fluent in the latest methods of screening candidates to accurately identify strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike many, we always take the time to identify and thoroughly understand the needs of your organization. We then spend the time with candidates to gain a solid understanding of their hard and soft skills, both of which are important factors in deciding if they are a great fit for your team.

Don't Risk It.

As the employer, you get to take full advantage of our expertise and leverage our screening process without spending a dime if we do not send you a candidate worth hiring. Why risk wasting thousands on recruiting employees when we will do it for you at no risk to you?   In fact, we even offer a 30-day replacement guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we can help you replace the candidate at no additional cost.

If you are looking for a way to fill key positions within your organization and would like to have a highly experienced team working for you throughout the process, get in touch with us today.