Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an external service that provides all or part of the hiring processes for your company. Priority Staffing Group’s RPO program will act as an extension of your business and a key partner in determining a strategy to achieve your company hiring goals.

Our partnership will optimize cost, quality and efficiency. It includes: sourcing, screening, interview coordination, selection, pre-employment testing (background checking, drug screening, and reference checking), offer, and on-boarding.

If our RPO program sounds right for your company, please reach out to us at (618) 969-8800 for more information.

Why use an RPO program?

1. Strategy

Priority Staffing Group will implement strategies that effectively promote your company brand to assist in identifying, sourcing, recruiting and qualifying candidates to present to your Hiring Managers. When faced with high-volume hiring, the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding at your company takes time, effort, and skill; which we provide with our years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. This is all while continuing to promote candidate experience through a positive, highly communicative selection process.

2. Savings

Streamlining your hiring process using our RPO program can save time and money for your company. By taking the work of recruiting candidates, sorting resumes, interviewing, testing and hiring, we cut down the time-to-fill and reduce your cost-per-hire.

3. Scalability

Urgent hiring needs come from many places (seasonal demands, new projects, new processes, etc.). Whatever reason you have found yourself understaffed, our RPO program provides scalability to manage the peaks and valleys in your hiring activity. We give you access to the right talent when you need it.

Benefits of RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing through Priority Staffing Group will help you cut costs and time, meet your hiring goals at any given time during the year and propel your business forward through progressive brand strategies.

Call us at (618) 969-8800 to get your RPO program started today.