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Employee Appreciation 2019

Play ball!

That’s exactly what Priority Staffing Group did on our sports-themed 2019 Employee Appreciation Weekend.


Each year our three owners, Gail Lannom, Heather Goines-Evans, and Carlos Tanner, pack up and take all our internal employees on an Employee Appreciation Weekend to thank the team for their hard work all year.


Last year we spent the weekend at the lake and in 2017 we had a winery weekend.


For us, this is the one weekend each year we can get together with our spouses or friends and enjoy each of our coworkers’ company without the workday overhead. While we consider ourselves family day-to-day, this is a gift we’re given to just have fun together!


This year, Priority Staffing piled into a bus playing music hand-picked by each member of our team. We rode from our headquarters in Marion, IL to Chesterfield, MO. There we picked teams and played Topgolf for the first leg of our journey.



The team moved on to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play the Pirates.


The Cardinals won the game while we cheered them on. But as a team, we all felt like the winners after the Priority Staffing Annual Awards were handed out.

Helping Hand Award

Julie Simpson – “Helping Hand” Award

In It To Win It Award

Liz Sawyer – “In It To Win It” Award











Each baseball-themed trophy was hand-picked for the winner. Some of the categories were based on the work ethic of the winner, like “Out of the Park” for the team member who consistently hits it out of the park whether that is placing employees, satisfying clients, etc. and some awards were based on the good spirits of the employee like “Cheer Master” for bringing the most team pride to the office and “Comic Relief” for someone who always makes us laugh.


Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be shown on a big trip, but the extra praise makes a difference all year. What do you do for your employees to keep morale up? Do you have annual awards or a company picnic? We’d love to hear your ideas!


For any staffing needs you may have at your company, or if you’re seeking a new career, reach out to any of our offices for help.

Marion – 618-969-8800 | Vandalia – 618-283-9533 | Murfreesboro – 615-295-2127

Group Photo

Employee Appreciation Weekend 2018


Group Photo

What is Employee Morale?

In general, employee morale is the overall outlook an employee has about their time at work. This outlook can affect attendance, productivity and numerous other things that affect a business’s bottom line.


So how do you ensure your employees are happy?


It starts by creating an atmosphere that fosters relationships. And that’s exactly what we do here at Priority Staffing Group.

Angela Brandy Heather

One of the benefits we offer each internal employee is the opportunity to join us for an Employee Appreciation weekend.

Last year, we rented a bus and took a winery tour.


This summer, we packed up and headed to Kentucky Lake.

The company rented pontoon boats and spent the weekend socializing and enjoying the sun together, without any pressure to meet hiring goals or entertain office politics.


Gail Barger Lannom, Heather Goines-Evans and Carlos Tanner, the founders of Priority Staffing Group, put on this all-expenses-paid trip each year to thank their employees for hard work. And the fact that our internal turnover is low is only one reason we believe it works.


Each action during this trip boosted morale a little more.

On the first night of the trip, after settling into our lakeside resort, the whole team sat down for a catered dinner and presented the company awards.


Priscilla, Best Phone VoiceCategories included: Best Phone Voice, Best Note Taker, Most Helpful, Most Team Spirit and more.


And while it seems like an insignificant detail, these fun awards brought smiles and laughter to the whole team.


So, don’t dismiss the small things. To your employees, those details could be what keeps them in your office.

Brandy Emily Ally

If you want to know more about how we keep morale up, give any of our offices a call. In addition to hiring new team members, we also provide valuable advice that stems from 50+ years in the staffing industry.


Marion, IL: 618-969-8800 | Vandalia, IL: 618-283-9533 | Murfreesboro, TN: 615-295-2127