July 3, 2018

Employee PTO

Employee benefits often include some kind of paid time off. And every year, your employees will take advantage of cashing in that time and enjoying a few days away from work.

But, what if, like many other companies, your employees see the summer sunshine and all want to take off the same days. If you want to keep your employees happy, you need to make accommodations for their summer plans, but it’s just not feasible to close down your facility if you find yourself short-staffed.


So, how do you handle multiple requests? The following tips will help you find a solution.


1) Have a time frame for requests

Not having a time-off policy in place is the easiest way to find yourself in a bind. A good start is to set a time frame for requests – like a minimum of two weeks before. Some businesses may need more to find coverage for an absent employee. Evaluate your needs and make a reasonable rule you can hold your employees to.


2) Encourage time off during other seasons

Your employees won’t always request time off for spring, fall or holiday trips, but suggesting some time off when the business is slower (or when it seems your employee needs a break) may spark a trip idea. If you’re accommodating the whole year, you won’t have a flood of requests during the summer season only.


3) Cross-train

While each employee at your company likely has a specified role, it is good to have a backup person. If your office manager needs to take a vacation and no one else at the company knows how to turn off the alarm system or where to check the mail, those tasks can seriously hinder your operations. Make a point to have at least two people at your company who can perform all vital tasks.


4) First Come, First Served

At the end of the day, if the other suggestions don’t work, you need to have the rule to follow when multiple employees request off and you can’t run the business without them. Make it clear when someone is hired that requests will be approved if at all possible, but the first person to submit a request will be given priority.


If you have questions about our own PTO policies, or how we can help your business, give one of our offices a call!


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