June 25, 2017

TN Workers’ Compensation Conference

TN Workers' Compensation Conference

Chris Nichols, Director of Business Development, attended the 20th TN Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference on June 13 – 15, 2017 in Murfreesboro, TN. Along with the other attendees, he gained valuable insight into the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation system via seminars led by notable industry leaders from across the country.


Some of the important points hit on for employers in the state were:

1) Workers’ Compensation Overview

2) Drug use and addiction help

3) Injury prevention programs & implementation

The conference agenda can be found here.


In 2016, the 109th General Assembly passed some laws that again changed Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Act. These changes, for many professionals, created uncertainty in how their businesses would be affected.


Some notable law changes included shortening the time period for injured workers to give notice of an injury, maximum and minimum compensation benefit changes, and drug-free workplace law amendments.


The TN Workers’ Compensation conference covered these, and many others, for the attendees. Priority Group is thankful to have had the opportunity to learn more about these changes, not only for our own business, but so we can help our clients and partners as well.

If you need help with staffing & recruiting, email Chris or call us at (615) 295-2127.


More information on the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, along with helpful tips for your business, can be found here.

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