Veteran Impact Celebration 2018

June 29, 2018

Veteran Impact Celebration 2018

Charlie and Hazel Daniel’s Veterans and Military Family Center, hosted at Middle Tennessee State University, held their inaugural Veteran Impact Celebration this year.

On Thursday, June 28th, Priority Staffing Group attended as a sponsor of the event held at The Grove at Williamson Place in Murfreesboro. This sponsorship helped us further solidify our relationship with this amazing organization as an Employment Partner.



The event featured drinks, dinner and a night of entertainment for the corporate sponsors, who collectively raised over $41,000 for the center, and retired military officers, MTSU alumni, and other supporters. In total, including a $100,000 donation from Charlie and Hazel Daniels, the event raised $171,000.


MTSU’s Project Song was showcased first, which teamed up student songwriters with professional musicians to create songs that told stories, some even about student veterans who were in attendance at the event.

Charlie Daniels square


Scott Brown, of the Scooter Brown Band, played before the event concluded with a performance from Charlie Daniels himself, along with his band. They performed “In America” and “My Beautiful America.”




So why is this organization so important?


The Veterans and Military Family Center does more than just pat our veterans on the back for a job well done. And why there’s no reason not to thank our veterans for their service, actions really do speak louder than words. And that’s why this group of people on MTSU’s campus is so important. They DO.


Services offered include:

  • Transitioning Home – They help our veterans apply for the university, assist with financial aid and off-campus issues including family matters and finding affordable homes. They make sure our veterans are set up for success.


  • Employment – Believe it or not, it can be even more difficult for a veteran to find employment if all their experience is military. The center reaches out to employment partners (like Priority Staffing Group) to find available employment opportunities for veterans AND their family members. They also make phone calls to HR Managers to advocate for a veteran hire!


  • Counseling – This includes professional career counseling, transition counseling, financial counseling and assistance with tutoring.


Above all other services, the center provides support in the form of a lending hand and a listening ear. They listen to the problems our veterans are having and don’t say no if it’s in their power to help.


Priority Staffing Group is proud to be a supporter of America’s veterans and the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center.


For more information, call us at (615) 295-2127 or reach out to the Military & Veteran Families Center directly.

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