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June 17, 2022

Welcome to the PSG Family Baby Bowers!

Taking time out of the work day to join in the celebration with a member of our team and their family is incredibly important to us at Priority. We believe it is what sets us apart and allows us to truly be family-oriented. One of our favorite things to celebrate is new additions to the PSG family. Priority babies – with tiny hands and feet, and mothers who deserve celebrating! Our newest expecting mother is Celesta Bowers!

Celesta worked at Priority as the Finance Manager for two and a half years. From April 24, 2017 to November 8th, 2019, her work ethic and attention to detail made remarkable impacts on our operations and her cheerful presence made her an unforgettable part of our family. In November of 2019, she left her full time position with PSG to fulfill a career goal and opportunity as a Plant Controller. Because of her love for Priority and the work that we do, she has continued to do contract work for PSG on special finance projects.

“I love working for Priority because we are more than coworkers. We are family. We laugh, cry, and celebrate the big and small wins for the company, and our personal lives. Going from a full time employee to a contractor for the company was one of the hardest decisions for me to make, but Gail and Heather were right there to support my aspirations and dreams. For that I can not thank them enough. PSG is family for life. “ – Celesta Bowers

Here are some tips on throwing a baby shower at your company!

Decide if you want the baby shower to be a known event on the calendar or a surprise and stay committed! While each of our expecting mothers get a baby shower, part of the fun for us is keeping the “when” a surprise!

Pick a date that the majority of your staff can attend the baby shower. Be understanding that there may be schedule conflicts for some when you’re basing it around the schedule of the guest of honor. Those that can’t attend can still participate in gifts, send a sweet card, or follow up with a phone call after the shower.

Don’t stress too much about a decoration theme! It can be as simple as a favorite color. What will fill the space is the team who supports them and the gifts they are showering them with!

What’s another take on themes for baby showers? Themed baskets are our favorite ways to shower new mothers. This allows some organization and intentionality to gift giving and gives opportunity for different members of the team to partner up in purchasing the items and putting the baskets together. Here are some ideas!

  • Sleepy time – blankets, sleep machines, stuff animals, sleepers, any other baby sleep essential, night time books.
  • Bath Time – baby bath tub, towels, washcloths, toys, toiletries and lotion.
  • Toddler Time – Toddler toys or older sized clothing, food related items (plates, bowls, utensils, bibs), potty time stuff, books, anything else a toddler may need when they hit this phase
  • Mom Basket – Spa items, wine, massage, robe, slippers, comfort beauty care items, girly stuff.
  • Big Brother Basket – Big Bro shirts, books about being big brothers, Baby Stella Doll (practice doll for big bro to learn to hold baby mimic caregiver role), sibling photo frame,

Hope this inspires you to join in the celebration of your next expecting mother! See below for pictures of previous surprise baby showers!

Staci Gooden’s Baby Shower!

Lisa Tracy’s Baby Shower!

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