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October 23, 2018

Write a Winning Resume

Are you wondering why, after submitting your resume so many times, you don’t get the job? Believe it or not, your resume might be the reason you’re not getting hired.

But where have you gone wrong?


The 4 tips below will help you start from scratch to create an easy, professional resume.



What experience do you have?

Start by taking a piece of paper and writing everything down that you have done. This includes job experience, college organizations, internships, certificate programs and volunteer experience. Write down significant responsibilities on each position and any promotions or awards you may have received. Don’t leave anything out while you are gathering information to put in your resume.



So, after you gather all your information, you can start putting your resume together.


The header includes your personal information and goes at the top (name, phone number, email address and where you live). Then, write your objective: who you are, your occupation (if you’re a student, put your major), a few goals and how you can benefit the company you are applying for. This should be about one sentence.


Next, list your experience. Go back to the paper you drafted all your experience on. Take the most relevant jobs for the position you’re interested in and include a short summary of what you do or did at that company or organization. Use bullet points for a clean look.


Education should be a category of its own. Include any completed and in-progress degrees or certificate programs. If currently pursuing a degree, include your estimated completion date.


Conclude the resume with your skills in bullet point format. Again, include the ones more relevant to the position you’re applying for.


Sometimes, if a resume is uploaded to an employer’s HR database, the system will look for matching words and auto select candidates for interview. That’s why each resume should be personalized to the position you’re applying for.



If you have a skill that can help the company you want to work for, brag about it! Let them know what you can do, but be honest about it. Over-embellishing a skill will hurt you in the long-run.



You did it! You have a resume. But before sending it to your future employer, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Always use proper spelling and if formatting is not your strongest skill, ask someone to help you.


There you go, fundamental steps to writing a winning resume.

Priority Staffing Group regularly helps put together and proofreads resumes, so don’t hesitate to ask us! We want to see you get the job of your dreams and we’re happy to help get you there.


*Bonus tip!



If you don’t know exactly how your resume should be formatted, you can find a few templates on Microsoft word or Canva. We also have a free resume builder for your use on our website.


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